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2021 / trouve ta place! (deux cent et une place.s d’Europe)
2021 / 

/this was made possible
thanks to collaborations

Santiago A.S., Théo Griffon, Yuchu Gao, Mauricio Hölzemann, Eunju Hong, Manuela Illera,
Chaeun Lee, Rosa Luckow, Essi Pellikka, Qiao Wan, Haha Wang, Jianling Zhang

/for their help and participation, thanks to/

Sungyoon Ahn, Marion Adrian, Léa Brami, Claire Chevrier, Marc Delannoy,
Nathalie Delannoy, Noémie Delannoy, Raphaël Delannoy, Helena Jimenéz, Jeandré Éli José,
Valérie Mathieu, Doryne Millet, Hugues Montano, Christiane Ronday, Abirami Rasiah,
Louise Sénéchal, Magdalena & Matias Vergara, Maxine Weiss, Gabriela Waldheer


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