2021 / bw7o

made with
Santiago A.S , Manuela Illera, 
Chaeeun Lee, Rosa Luckow,
Essi Pelikka, Qiao Wan

part of the exhibition,
body without organs,
27.07 - 29.07 2021,
in Sugar Mountain, Munich


How does it feel to experiment with new architectures after confinement?
Did the freedom of mobility change forever in order to follow the arrows on the hygiene plan?

One body in this direction,
the other body in the opposite direction,
the new frontier is the mask.

The revival of sterile architectures has become rampant and contagious as the virus, activating spaces with the influx of money and businesses seeking economic development, increases prices and tokenizes art and culture, in the worst-case scenarios can lead to population migration and displacement, only benefiting a few.

Bw7o is a spatial practice, a spoken dialogue, it is the resonance and the resistance against the logical and rational structures constructing buildings or factories, a full sonic representation of space becoming a space of representation. Sound as the influx that hits columns, walls and bodies to shake the stagnant foundations of capitalist thinking.

(written by Manuela Illera)


all rights reserved ©2021 Pierre-Yves Delannoy